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Absorb heat and salt

and wait

In the places of dry and soaking

Stillness is the only choice.

And yet, to move…


A ship

In the night

Saying goodbye to the odd moments 

Where possibility becomes plausibility.

And then just unlikelihood.

To farce.

And if the stars align.

And the paused moment is resumed amongst the handshakes.

Would what we said make more or less sense

In the great scheme of it all?

Would you still recognize me?

Know me? 

I would hope the answer were obvious…but there is…

A dangerous side to obvious. 


It is always hardest to say I told you so.

The victory is never how it tastes in dreams. 

Here, it is bitter, acrid.
In one moment, there was hope for a brighter future. We sat and talked of it. Tears welling in our mutual eyes.

Looking at that moment, and seeing that the natural line from then to now is a broken affair with more bends and breaks than old forest trails…
I’d give anything to be wrong.

I’m sorry I’ve been a ghost

One can only hope

That cycles,

Cycles such as these,

Will not remain unbroken forever.

One will long

For the day,

The day where the cycle splits, smoldering pieces taking the cold night

And we shall all look on


Change was always

A distinct possibility.

Now and Then

The sound of smoke and mirrors
And the ringing of bells.
Lost in the bushes,
Hiding from the parade
Of what is already known.
Hard to look at twice.
Or once.
Or never.

We know what it means to be changed.
We have been there before,
At the dawn of so much sunshine.
Considering possibilities.
Pretending that this was not a disappoint.
Not this.

And open eyes
To the words
Said in any way except
From left to right.

All of this is fixable.

This one

Where the challenge lies
Is somewhere between apathy
And real effort.




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